PART 21G : Production Organization Approval

A 2018 goal

One of the major projects for 2018 for our organization was obtaining of European production organizations approval. Just before celebrating its second birthday, iD-product has just received its PART 21G certificate of approval. This rewards months of effort in the extension of our EN9100 / ISO9001 certification to meet the requirements of the OSAC, the DGAC and the EASA. We were then audited twice during October to confirm our high level of performance. We are fully focused on the quality and safety of the products that come out of our workshops.

What does this approval change for our customers?

We launched this PART 21G accreditation process to meet our customers’ expectations. Concretely, this new approval will allow them to receive products directly released under EASA Form 1. They will gain greatly in lead time and processing cost. This new brick fits perfectly into iD-product’s strategy to drive the entire value chain of a product from its design, qualification, production and now its aeronautical release. The objectives remain the same, improve the time-to-market and reduce the project costs.

And now the next goal?

It was important to quickly reassure our customers about iD-product’s ability to integrate into the aviation ecosystem. We had to demonstrate that we could deliver on our commitments. This is now done and we intend to consolidate this position in the coming years by linking new agreements with design organizations (DOA) and continuing to support our customers with new responsibility. Learn more about our quality approach

Download our certificate

iD-product becomes EN9100 / ISO9001 certified

An approach of the first days

From the earliest days of iD-product’s creation, we have initiated a process of quality structuring with the objective of obtaining the EN9100: 2016 and ISO9001: 2015 certifications. Indeed, these certifications are an important guarantee of quality for our customers. The year 2017 was therefore dedicated to the development of procedures and instructions to structure the company in order to guarantee project developments and delivered quality products.


Global certification

The EN9100 and ISO9001 certificates issued by Bureau Veritas can be downloaded here (EN9100 /  ISO9001). They cover all iD-product’s business that are Product Development, Purchasing / Supply Chain and Production. Certifications audits, carried out by the certifying partner, highlighted our approach to anticipate quality risks at each stage of the projects in order to limit the different issues.

Digital continuity

Our quality structuring is strongly based on computer tools to ensure a digital continuity from the first developments to the product delivery. In order to ensure quality monitoring in all processes, tools have been developed internally, both on the SolidWorks design software and on the Solune ERP solution. This allows us to improve configuration management, manage our control equipment, ensure the production traceability or follow the treatment of nonconformities.

So where are we going now ?

Quality is a moving approach that must constantly be fueled. That’s why we continue to make changes in our working methods to make them ever more efficient. This continuous improvement approach is central to iD-product’s long-term strategy.

In addition, in order to meet the desire of our customers to take greater responsibility, iD-product is currently working on its PART 21G agreement allowing the supply of aeronautical products under EASA form 1.

Back on Aircraft Interior Expo 2018

iD-product participated last week at the Aircraft Interior Expo in Hamburg. This reference show in the industry brings together all the players in the aircraft cabin interior each year. From seat manufacturers to entertainment equipment manufacturers to subassembly suppliers such as iD-product, this is an essential meeting place to exchange and meet new partners. We exhibited for the occasion on the Pavilion of Business France by sharing the booth with one of our partners, METAL-CHROME. I will come back in another article about the project that binds us to them.

For our first participation, we wanted to come and demonstrate our credibility by presenting different innovative prototypes alongside our past achievements.

ECLIPSE, the star of our booth


ECLIPSE is a VIP table project, the red thread of several years of research and development. This dining table with innovative kinematic for the sector is mainly oriented VIP cabins but could be implemented in different forms. We decided to present this innovation in a leather seat similar to the one that will soon welcome it on a plane.

The ECLIPSE dining table offers to its passenger an increased ergonomics and many features that allow him to enjoy his flight.

One of the new features is the presence of a magnetic foot glass that keeps the glass on the table despite the vibrations and turbulence of the aircraft. I invite you to visit the page dedicated to ECLIPSE to discover its kinematics (it’s here).

The cup holder for thin wall

This concept of ultra-compact storage cup holder is mainly dedicated to the zones constrained in thickness but wishing to offer a wide support for a glass or a bottle. The opening is triggered by a light pressure on the set and unfolds in a coordinated way to create a volume in three dimensions. Ergonomics and perceived quality have been optimized. Of course, the “fantasy” color  was chosen to identify the different movements but this product can be integrated into any environment.

Exciting meetings

I would end this article by thanking all the visitors who took turns at our booth during these 3 days of show. The widespread interest in the skills and activities of iD-product reinforces our strategy and objectives.

See you next year


Product Data Management in our design office

In order to improve the development of our products, iD-product has been deploying a Product Data Management (PDM) solution within its design office for several months. Through full integration with SolidWorks design software, PDM management makes the traceability of our part and subassembly development cycles designed by our engineers reliable.

Through a management of access rights tailored to each employee, iD-product provides complete control over the validation of parts and plans before sending to a customer or a subcontractor. The PDM software saves the different versions of the articles and thus makes it possible to return to an earlier archive if necessary, this configuration management makes it possible to identify, at every moment, the versions of each piece of a designed set, of a delivered product , a prototype or test pieces.
To ensure consistency across all the parts made by employees, data cards are used to indicate the information needed to manage the file.

The use of a PDM system allows iD-product to continue to improve its quality approach and to be in agreement with its desired strategy, to quickly propose innovative solutions to its customers while ensuring complete traceability and quality. irreproachable from the design phase to the delivery of serial products.

Happy first year iD-product

In a few days, iD-product will celebrate its 1 year. It is time for a point of analysis on this first year of activity, between accomplished work and future prospects.

Thanks 2017

Our goal in 2017 was to reassure our partners about our ability to transform into a powerful and reliable organization. To ensure the sustainability of our activities, we have therefore invested heavily in structuring and rethinking our work process.


From the first days, we started the EN9100 process at a frantic pace to be certified from the beginning of 2018. We will have our audits next February and March


Our workshop has grown from both a control and production point of view. Assembled assembly stations, a measuring column, or an adjustment area ensure quality products for our customers.

Design office

The design office has fully migrated to SolidWorks 2018 and its PDM. All this demonstrates to our customers, our desire to go further in the product / process integration. This encouraged 2 new customers: Airbus St Eloi plant and the ANDRITZ group to trust us.

To us 2018

The year 2018 must be in line with our growth with two main projects:

  • The Part 21G Production Organization Approval Process
  • The layout of our premises to support our growth and welcome new employees

Thank you again for your support and Happy New Year to all.