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A versatile team that accompanies you from the draft phase of your need to the mass delivery of your product.

Product development
We support you from the implementation of your specifications to the validations and certifications of your new product. With a collaborative "cloud-based" PLM to continually exchange with our customers, the team adapts to your requirements. We have various design and calculation tools as well as prototyping and testing machines that shorten development cycles.
Industrial management
Our team is your single point of contact in the industrial management of your product in collaboration with several industrial partners: machining, sheet metal, plastic injection, thermoforming, painting and surface treatments...
We realize in-house the final assembly of your product according to several technologies: screwing, structural and non-structural bonding, riveting, crimping. Drastic traceability and quality control throughout the manufacture of your product ensure a high quality result in a short time.

Our activities

We develop meal table, armrests and seat structures that combine ergonomics, rigidity, design and endurance guaranteed by our test bench ... More and more pleasant systems to use thanks to our equipment and our feedback.

PilotPad adapters, cockpit interface, friction swivel, specific and universal cradle ... We participate in the modernization of the cockpits of the biggest airlines.

Test bench, centrifugal machines, multi-axis machines, machining and assembly tools ... Our integrated organization allows us a very fast execution.

Our products


ECLIPSE is an innovative dining table offering a large area of use and a small footprint when stored in the armrest of the seat. Its innovative kinematic gives it a high perceived quality.

Discover ECLIPSE

Tablet holders

With the growing use of digital tools for all kinds of applications, we have developed a range of products for the integration of tactile tablets in aircraft, trains and other construction and agricultural machinery. Learn more