Happy first year iD-product

In a few days, iD-product will celebrate its 1 year. It is time for a point of analysis on this first year of activity, between accomplished work and future prospects.

Thanks 2017

Our goal in 2017 was to reassure our partners about our ability to transform into a powerful and reliable organization. To ensure the sustainability of our activities, we have therefore invested heavily in structuring and rethinking our work process.


From the first days, we started the EN9100 process at a frantic pace to be certified from the beginning of 2018. We will have our audits next February and March


Our workshop has grown from both a control and production point of view. Assembled assembly stations, a measuring column, or an adjustment area ensure quality products for our customers.

Design office

The design office has fully migrated to SolidWorks 2018 and its PDM. All this demonstrates to our customers, our desire to go further in the product / process integration. This encouraged 2 new customers: Airbus St Eloi plant and the ANDRITZ group to trust us.

To us 2018

The year 2018 must be in line with our growth with two main projects:

  • The Part 21G Production Organization Approval Process
  • The layout of our premises to support our growth and welcome new employees

Thank you again for your support and Happy New Year to all.