PART 21G : Production Organization Approval

A 2018 goal

One of the major projects for 2018 for our organization was obtaining of European production organizations approval. Just before celebrating its second birthday, iD-product has just received its PART 21G certificate of approval. This rewards months of effort in the extension of our EN9100 / ISO9001 certification to meet the requirements of the OSAC, the DGAC and the EASA. We were then audited twice during October to confirm our high level of performance. We are fully focused on the quality and safety of the products that come out of our workshops.

What does this approval change for our customers?

We launched this PART 21G accreditation process to meet our customers’ expectations. Concretely, this new approval will allow them to receive products directly released under EASA Form 1. They will gain greatly in lead time and processing cost. This new brick fits perfectly into iD-product’s strategy to drive the entire value chain of a product from its design, qualification, production and now its aeronautical release. The objectives remain the same, improve the time-to-market and reduce the project costs.

And now the next goal?

It was important to quickly reassure our customers about iD-product’s ability to integrate into the aviation ecosystem. We had to demonstrate that we could deliver on our commitments. This is now done and we intend to consolidate this position in the coming years by linking new agreements with design organizations (DOA) and continuing to support our customers with new responsibility. Learn more about our quality approach

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