Product Data Management in our design office

In order to improve the development of our products, iD-product has been deploying a Product Data Management (PDM) solution within its design office for several months. Through full integration with SolidWorks design software, PDM management makes the traceability of our part and subassembly development cycles designed by our engineers reliable.

Through a management of access rights tailored to each employee, iD-product provides complete control over the validation of parts and plans before sending to a customer or a subcontractor. The PDM software saves the different versions of the articles and thus makes it possible to return to an earlier archive if necessary, this configuration management makes it possible to identify, at every moment, the versions of each piece of a designed set, of a delivered product , a prototype or test pieces.
To ensure consistency across all the parts made by employees, data cards are used to indicate the information needed to manage the file.

The use of a PDM system allows iD-product to continue to improve its quality approach and to be in agreement with its desired strategy, to quickly propose innovative solutions to its customers while ensuring complete traceability and quality. irreproachable from the design phase to the delivery of serial products.