Tablet holders

A product line that is fully compatible with each other, consisting of a tablet pad holder (universal or specific), a high endurance adjustable friction ball, and specific interfaces for certain environments.

Trully universal !

The universal support has been developed to answer the retention in position any tablets device of the market while anticipating the next generations of product. Allowing the retention of tablets ranging from 7 '' (Galaxy tab, iPad mini ...) to 13 '' (iPad pro), it is the ideal tool for all needs and in any environment. Its robust locking mechanism ensures that the tablet holds under 10 kg of acceleration, ie more than 10G to 20G for most tablets.

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Suitable for all environments

Thanks to its friction ball that has been tested for more than 15,000 cycles, the universal support is easily positioned and remains stationary in many vibration situations. Built in anodized aluminum, the ball joint also offers formidable ergonomics and a wide range of adjustment to adapt it to each need.

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A specific interface for your need

Thanks to our engineering office, we are able to develop and produce mechanical subassemblies that interface between your installation areas (cockpit, dashboard, machinery ...) and the friction ball joint.

These subassemblies are subjected to all the necessary tests allowing their homologation in perfect harmony with the rest of the tablet holder.

Powerful in the most demanding environments

The requirements within a commercial airliner cockpit are extremely severe from both a regulatory and ergonomics perspective for pilots. We supply prestigious airlines for the equipment of their fleet, including the Boeing B777 and the Airbus A380.