WiDD 100/200 housings

Combined with the advanced technology of our client, iD-product has designed and manufacture the WiDD series housings.

Innovative series

WiDD is a compact and portable system for the characterization of electrical harnesses and the detection and location of wiring faults in the Aeronautics, Automotive, Railway and Space industries. It detects permanent and intermittent defects with great accuracy and anticipates failures by monitoring lifelines for electrical cables and harnesses.

We worked with our customer to develop WiDD housings to protect their OTDR technology. We realized mechanical and thermal simulations to adapt to all environments of use. The aesthetic was not forgotten and required the use of noble and durable materials.

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Industrialization at the service of performance

In order to meet the requirements of mass and mechanical strength, we realized the industrialization of the range of WiDD enclosures in parallel with their design. The manufacturing processes implemented have been optimized in compliance with economic constraints.

We now supply turnkey enclosures under EN9100 quality requirements. Our dual expertise in studies and manufacturing allows us to quickly and inexpensively integrate all future developments that will be required by these advanced products.

Testing and validation

Responsible for the entire product development phase, we also performed mechanical tests in static and dynamic. One of these tests required dropping the fully equipped case on 26 points of contact to ensure the integrity and mechanical strength of the case and its contents.

iD-product carries out almost all of these mechanical tests internally. We develop our own testing methods in perfect accordance with the customer specifications. This gives us great flexibility and speed of intervention and evolution.