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Trusting iD-product means evolving together throughout the project. At every step, we work hand in hand, from conception to serial production, to deliver the product that meets your unique needs.

Responsiveness, efficiency, versatility.

A dedicated single point of contact is assigned to each of your projects, guiding you through the development stages to serial production, to provide you with the best solutions.

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Mechanical design

Based on your specifications, our team meticulously designs each of the components that will make up your product. In machining, sheet metal work, thermoforming, plastic injection, each element is optimized  based on the advantages of its manufacturing process and the project’s requirements. As specialists in mechanisms, ergonomics, and perceived quality are the core of our work. Trust our expertise for your next project!

Mecatronic development

Because sometimes mechanics need to enhance their capabilities, we integrate motors, controllers, and encoders into them. Before programming the controllers, our team selects components, designs electrical systems, ensures operational safety, and handles cabinet wiring. Our machines communicate through industrial protocols such as CANopen, PROFINET, or ETHERNET IP. And when we need to venture off the beaten path, we leverage our computer skills in PYTHON or C# to achieve your goals. Let’s harness the potential of mechatronics together to create the machines of tomorrow!
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robot fabricant un prototype


Because an efficient project involves rapid prototyping phases, iD-product optimizes industrialization as closely as possible to the needs. These prototypes validate the technical directions throughout the project and immerse our clients in the use of their products. Fine-tuned and refined by the same engineers who developed them, the systems become more advanced more quickly. Lastly, we assess manufacturing risks in anticipation of mass production. Efficiently transition from design to realization!


To ensure the performance, safety, and quality of our products, we conduct numerous tests using our test bench, which we tailor to the specific requirements of the products we develop.
Through endurance tests of motion or force, we guarantee the durability of the systems, sometimes spanning millions of cycles. Rest assured of the reliability of your products thanks to our testing.

Quality control

Our quality control department ensures that each component used in the making of your products meets all its requirements, whether dimensional or aesthetic. In addition, specific and digitalized benches validate the performance of each product that leaves our workshop. We control movement efforts and durations as well as operating noises.

Serial production

With the support of our partners, who are specialists in their manufacturing processes, we produce high-quality mechanisms while meeting your deadlines.

Certified EN9100 and approved PART 21G, we ensure the traceability of our manufacturing processes through our ERP system. Whether it’s threaded insert assembly, riveting, bonding, or screwing, we optimize our assembly processes to enhance our workshop’s performance.

With the financial capacity to commit for the long term and deliver on multi-year contracts, we are your trusted partner to ensure the success of your project