Specialized machines and robotics

From initial sketch to operator training, we are by your side at every step, ensuring efficient, reliable, and modern production.

If we don't have the solution, we'll find it!

Safety and reducing TMS among your operators, optimizing cycle times, and modernizing existing machines are key to developing your business while prioritizing productivity and well-being within your company.

Multi-axis special machines

Using pneumatic cylinders, servo motors, encoders, and programmable logic controllers, these machines can be customized to meet the specific requirements of each application. They enable cost reductions, quality improvements, and increased productivity, becoming essential in modern production processes.

machine multi-axes
cellule robotique

Robotic cell

Robotic cells are often used to automate repetitive tasks, reduce musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) for workers, and enhance production quality, precision, and speed.

Peripheral equipmentw such as conveyors, tool changers, and storage systems can be integrated to increase the autonomy of the production process.

Test bench

By addressing both our own needs and those of our clients, our test benches offer a wide range of versatile features.

banc d'essai
interface homme-machine

Human-Machine Interfaces

At the intersection of the interaction between the operator and their production tool, we pay special attention to the HMI of your machines.

In automation language (Schneider) or computer programming (Python / C#), our HMIs provide ergonomic information to the operator by delivering relevant data at the right moment