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Posted 6 months ago

Who Are We ?

Innovative SME in the Aerospace industry, iD-product designs and manufactures high-value mechanical subassemblies for the cabin interior (iPad cockpit supports, business and first-class meal tables) and special machinery sectors (test benches, inspection tools, robotic machines). A young and dynamic team provides a comprehensive and cohesive solution to prestigious clients such as STELIA, AIR FRANCE, NEXEYA, SAFRAN. Innovation and creativity are also central to its development center.

Role :

You will be primarily responsible for the development of computer and robotic systems for industrial assembly using Python and C# programming languages.

Assignment :

You will be responsible for various assignments, including:

  • Performing the AMDEC of the product based on the specification document.

  • Collaborating with a mechanical engineer to conduct a Safety of Functioning study.

  • Defining the electrical architecture of the entire product.

  • Participating in the mechanical definition of the system.

  • Creating programs for robots or cobots (KUKA/FANUC) and automating them to validate their operation.

  • Optimizing the system's performance.

  • Creating technical documentation.


You are our talent if:

  • You are a student in the final year of an engineering school or a holder of a Master's degree in mechanical design, seeking an end-of-studies internship to enhance your technical and analytical skills.

  • You are recognized for your diligence, organizational skills, and ability to propose innovative solutions.

  • You possess a strong team spirit, promoting better collaboration with your future colleagues in our work environment.

Required Skills:

The skills required for this position are:

  • A strong proficiency in Python and C# programming.

  • Experience in robotics programming, preferably with software such as RoboDK, Roboguide, KUKA Sim, and similar tools.

  • Knowledge of safety rules for operation and the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

  • Familiarity with ISO 10218 and ISO 15066 is a bonus.

  • Proficiency in English is desirable.


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Job Features

Job :Intern Engineering Office Computer Science and Industrial Robotics
Working hours :Full-time
Contract :Fixed-term contract
Duration :5 to 6 months
Location :31100 TOULOUSE

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